Friday, 27 April 2012

What Boomers Like

Learning new things – Boomers have a quest for knowledge and pride themselves on continual intellectual growth.
Experiences – Boomers like to travel and do things they’ve never done before, try things they’ve never tried before. They have more free time than younger generations because their children are grown and gone. They also have more disposable income and they like to spend it on experiences.
Technology – Yes, technology. Boomers are not luddites, in fact, they spend the most money on tech. They also spend the most money online.
Targeted luxuries – Boomers won’t just spend on any luxury, but will if the luxury speaks to their passion. For example, wine. A middle-income boomer may not splurge on much, but if she is passionate about wine, you will find some expensive bottles in her house. She will also be thinking about her next stay at a B&B in a wine region.
Phone and email contact – They prefer to talk on the phone or through email. Texting and social media exchanges, not so much.
Being ageless – Boomers want to stay youthful, not young, but young in heart and activity.

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