Friday, 11 May 2012

Value here comes from setting goals and then achieving them. The more challenge, the greater the sense of achievement. When others have achieved the same thing, status is reduced and greater goals are sought.


Those who seek self-direction enjoy being independent and outside the control of others. The prefer freedom and may have a particular creative or artistic bent, which they seek to indulge whenever possible.


The universalist seeks social justice and tolerance for all. They promote peace and equality and find war anathema except perhaps in pursuit of lasting peace.


The traditionalist respects that which has gone before, doing things simply because they are customary. They are conservatives in the original sense, seeking to preserve the world order as is. Any change makes them uncomfortable.

These reside as the more important to boomers as they link themselves with traditional values and are widely associated with privilege through early years. This means that achievement is a main focus and goal as upbringing of privilege results in wanting the best and having the best; in our walks of life. Many grew up in post-war housing, luxury compared to pre-war living standards of large families residing in one small house. Known as the first generation to be able to afford a life of style, clothing, more than the bare of food and retirement programs. 1998 recorded that, as a generation, boomers decided to avoid plans for their demise and more long-term life planning. Optimism of not wanting to pass on, and the idea of living life to the maximum whilst possible is common between baby boomers as self-direction of the here and now is the optimum in boomers' society. 

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