Tuesday, 15 May 2012

They have tremendous spending power. Boomers are responsible for 47% of all spending.

The Marketing Spot

The best way to market to Baby Boomers:

- Talk to Boomers about the future, not the past. Put them in scenarios where they are active and ageless, not aging. Avoid nostalgia and “the good old days.” The good old days make Boomers feel old, and Boomers don’t want to feel old. Ever.
- Talk to Boomers about what they want to achieve. Boomers have dreams and goals and they will have them until they die. Don’t market to boomers like there’s something wrong with them or they have diminished capacity. Speak to them about improving, not getting fixed.
- Make Boomers feel hip and sexy because that’s what they want to be. Put them in youthful situations where they’re participating in current trends and traveling to exotic locations.
- Speak to their passions and deeper values. Use their passion and values to justify spending more money on a luxury.

Where to Market to Boomers

Television: Boomers watch more TV than anyone else.
Online: Boomers spend more time online than any other demographic. Including a heavy dosage of social media, especially niche social media communities related to their passion.

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