Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Timeline of Crucial Events

1952                       -              Elizabeth II reign as Queen of the Commonwealth begins
                                                                                (Coronation 02/07/1953)

Many boomers have lived the whole length of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and have seen and felt the full impact of what the leader has given both to her country and to her commonwealth. During her reign, saw the change of the British Empire to the Commonwealth and in the wake of the Gulf War in 1991, Elizabeth was the first British Monarch to address a joint session of the Unites States Congress. She is seen as caring a protective, and was notably credited for attempting to help her son Charles and his first wife Diana reconcile before her passing in 1997.


Late 1960s           -              Commercial release of colour television in Europe
1954                       -              Commercial release of colour television in America

Colour television changed the way in which people saw the world. For many boomers, colour TV is the norm as they grew up, as they are later boomers. However, for the first batch of boomers, who started with black and white television and then later moved to colour, the world changed for them. Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation has been noted as one of the first commercially viewed events broadcasted in colour for the nation to see. Since this day, baby boomers will have lived through television development into plasma and LCD screens, internet TV, analogue to digital, and both HD and 3D television. Drastic changes in technology have meant that advertising is now extremely easy through television, as all new features in colour TV such as HD and 3D can really bring a life like feel to products and therefore give consumers a taste and feel and desire to go and purchase.  

1997                       -              The death of Princess Diana was a complete shock and loss to the British nation. Members of the royal family had died before but none were so fondly loved and idolised by the public than Diana (first wife of Charles). The impact upon society in which this has was devastating, as the country came to a standstill to mourn what looks to be the creator of the social celebrity status. As Diana’s daily life consisted of constant media coverage and resulting scrutiny upon every action, visit and decision. She was extremely well loved by the nation, renowned by the country for her values and motherly instincts. She died in a controversial car crash in Paris. Baby boomers duly felt, along with others that it was the passing of a titan, and boomers especially were alive before the start of Diana and the celebrity dawn, and are alive after the passing of Diana, potentially resulting in boomers still wanting to be young at heart and live life to the full before it’s too late.

2001                       -              First Internationally publicised terrorist attack hit the USA, decimating the Twin Towers in New York, The Pentagon in Washington DC and a fourth crash landing in Pennsylvania. Nearly 3000 people reported dead from the events of September 11th and terrorist group al-Qaeda took full responsibility for this tragedy. Since this day of doom, it has become world-renowned as 9/11. This hit the world including boomers with a state of shock that took months of exile to conquer. Baby boomers in America especially and across the world had never seen such a disaster in their lifetimes, culminating in the will to fight the bad and to celebrate the good. Terror has continued on through boomers lifetimes, will this fight ever come to an end, in a baby boomers generation?

2004                       -              The most infamous natural disaster (but recorded sixth in the list of worst ever earthquakes) on record as a Tsunami brewed in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand were affected the most with a combined total of over 280,000 people dead. Boxing Day 2004 reported houses, schools, villages and even towns destroyed but our own mother nature culminating in people being without their homes, their possessions and even their family.

2005                       -              The first English full-scale terrorist attack hit London and its public transport services during morning rush hour on the 7th of July. 3 bombs were detonated on the underground tube network and a further fourth exploded on a double-decker bus in Tavistock Square. 52 reported dead and an additional 700 were injured. This tragic event became known as the 7/7 bombings. British boomers this time felt the full affects, directly experiencing an attack like no other seen before right on their doorstep. People began to doubt their own safety and lives, with London coming under threat via its popular transport network, people’s routines were halted. Boomers especially do not like to feel old or prohibited; and with London and the entire nation coming to a standstill, boomers’ lives were in transition.

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