Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Although the Toyota car advert was produced for and streamed in America, the principles behind the marketing and specific marketing tools utilised are the same whatever country it may be in. This is because the advert is targeted at baby boomers and the way to hit this particular clientele is mutl-cultural, in terms of countries directly affected by the baby boom period, and therefore currently having boomer residents.
The advertising designers and marketers have hit the nail right on the head as they have featured two baby boomers tackling a rough terrain cycle that incorporates physical fitness with determination and the will to succeed. They are clearly active and are featured getting stuck into the challenge. It's about the future as buying a new car is for a long-term plan and period, not just for a few months. This ad integrates the features and USPs of the car with the scenario of a baby boomer in their element. Boomers do not want to feel old and this advert highlights this exact point by showing how boomers still wish to enjoy physical challenges that younger generations also do. They prefer to be in youthful situations and current trends making them feel young at heart, in this instance keeping fit and cycling tough terrain for pure fun and exercise, without competition. Toyota really have the ideal spot here, as they have appealed to exactly what baby boomers want; they have targeted boomer passions and values in order to appeal and therefore sell their Venza automobile. They have utilised a boomers passion and the want to be young at heart by showing the bike ride, and therefore justifying spending a fair amount of money on luxury. In this case, the Toyota Venza.

The Marketing Spot declared that baby boomers watch more Television than anyone else, therefore Toyota using this as a TV advert was the perfect idea as it is the biggest mass media tool used by their target market - baby boomers.

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  1. nice job but can you put a link to the ad up here?