Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Smart Insights Email Marketing 

CRITICAL Success Factors

  • Conversation – Email works best for marketing today when it can prompt a dialogue and encourage social sharing.
  • Relevance (including targeting) – Does the offer and creative of the e-mail meet the needs of the recipients? Is a single message sent to all prospects or customers on the list or are e-mails with tailored creative, incentive and copy sent to the different segments on the list? Do recipients think the e-mail is SPAM? Will it get trapped in the Spam filters?
  • Incentive (or offer) – The WIFM factor or ‘Whats in it for me’ for the recipient. What benefits does the recipient gain from clicking on the hyperlink(s) in the e-mail?
  • Timing – Timing refers to when the e-mail is received; the time of day, day of the week, point in the month and even the year; how does it relate to events or other campaign elements.
  • Integration – Are the e-mail campaigns part of your integrated marketing communications? Questions to ask include: are the creative and copy consistent with my brand? Do the message reinforce other communications? Does the timing of the e-mail campaign fit with offline communications?
  • Creative and Copy- This is part of the creative and refers to the structure, style and explanation of the offer together with the number of location of hyperlinks and other calls-to-action in the e-mail.
  • Attributes (of the e-mail) – The message headers such as the Subject line, From address and format (HTML or text) have all been written about at length
  • Landing page (or microsite) – The page(s) reached after the recipient clicks on a link in the e-mail. Typically, on clickthrough, often the recipient will be presented with a direct response form to profile or learn more about them. Designing the page so the form is easy to complete can effect the overall success of the campaign, but is sometimes neglected.

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